Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

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We Troubleshoot, Maintain and Repair All Garage Doors

The testimonials of customers have great meaning to us. Feel free to read them

Same Great Garage Door Service

I hired Garage Door Repair Mahtomedi for the maintenance of my Genie garage door. It has been years since I first got their service and they never failed to impress me. They work to make their customers feel satisfied and important, I know because they are also the go to service provider of my mom and sister. They were just done with the maintenance of my door and like before, I am so happy with the result. My garage door is working smoothly and it still has the same beauty it had before.

Timely and Reliable Emergency Garage Door Service

Of all times, my garage door decided that it just would not open this morning when I was in a hurry for an important meeting. Good thing I had the number of Garage Door Repair Mahtomedi saved on my phone. I called them and explained that I needed emergency garage door service. Help arrived in no time and the technician immediately worked on opening the door without causing any damage. It was a success making me very thankful to the timely and reliable service they provided. I was able to attend the meeting and my door was working fine again.

Replaced our Broken Panel

“My son just got his driver's license, so I let him take the car from a time to time. Last Wednesday he backed up too fast by accident, and one of our garage door panels suffered a major damage. It looked pretty bad, not to mention the door got somewhat crooked. I decided to call Garage Door Repair in Mahtomedi, and scheduled for the afternoon. To my surprise, their technician was able to replace my panel on the very spot. He also replaced the track and made sure the door was perfectly aligned. This service is incredible! “

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