Exceptional Garage Door Opener Replacement and Installation

It is our commitment to make residential garage doors safe and convenient for everyone. That is why we provide not only professional services, but also valuable tips to all visitors of our website. Take advantage of the advice you will find here and you will definitely enjoy even better overhead door performance than before.

Make sure the opener is installed correctly

Garage door openers must be installed properly and in compliance with UL 325. That's a rule for our experts. Special attention must be given to the exact position of the emergency release cord, photo eyes, or your safety won't be guaranteed.

Fix bent tracks quickly

Have the bent garage door tracks repaired fast since they prevent the rollers from moving properly and smoothly. In this case, the garage door will jam or come off tracks. In either case, you'll encounter security problems and depending on the door's position, it might also be a safety hazard.

Allow an expert to install your garage door

An expert who has experience installing various types of garage doors will certainly know how to properly install your door. They are familiar with the parts of every type of garage door, making it easier to install.

Watch the weight of the door if you add insulation

Even with the installation of fairly light rigid polystyrene insulation, the door will still get heavier. This may cause it to become out of balance. That is why it is important to have the spring adjusted when you make this kind of improvement. You also have to confirm that the opener will have enough horsepower to lift and lower the heavier door. This is essential for keeping the device in good operating condition.

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