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The expertise of our professionals in garage door springs ensure their proficiency in repair services

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The most important thing about garage door springs is that they are vital for the actual movement of the door. They are the ones which make overhead doors go up and down. The main types are the torsion and extension garage door springs. One torsion spring is often sufficient for the operation of residential doors but a second one will keep the door moving if the first one breaks. Torsion springs are placed around a steel shaft and while one of their ends remains stationary, the other end has a winding cone and it allows to the spring to spin and create torque in order to move the door. Extension springs are always two and placed at the sides of the door and they contract and stretch.

We handle spring issues with speed

Garage Door SpringsWe ensure good operation of the springs. With the services of Garage Door Repair Mahtomedi, you can have peace of mind. We have skilled professionals and the ability to be with you fast whenever you are faced with a broken garage door spring. We replace them as soon as possible. Our team specializes in both extension and torsion spring garage door systems and has the technical knowledge and the experience to be of assistance for all relative services.

All issues related to garage door springs are serious and handled with speed by our company so that you won't have safety or operational problems. We provide emergency same day services and as experts in garage door repair services, we can assure you of our excellence. We replace springs when they are old, slightly damaged or have almost completed their lifespan so that you won't deal with safety issues should the springs break when you are standing close by. We also offer fast broken spring replacement and install the new springs with amazing accuracy and attention.

If you need extension springs repair, feel that the overhead door is not exactly balanced or it would be nice to install one more torsion spring, don't hesitate to contact our company and seek our assistance or even our professional opinion. We take care of spring needs as fast as we can and respond quickly to your emergency problems. Our experience matters a lot since springs can create horrific problems and we guarantee exceptional spring repair, replacement and installation.

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