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Satisfy your curiosity by reading the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions in our professional work. Obtain valuable information which will help you in more ways than one. Use it to ensure that you will have a perfectly safe and secure and excellently operating residential garage door.

Is it possible for an automatic garage door to open by itself?

Yes, this is possible. Our professionals explain that when the transmitter or the opener's logic board is damaged, the door may automatically open right after closing without anyone using the remote or the wall-mounted button. It is less likely for the door to open by itself due to signal interference.

Can insulation be added to an existing garage door?

This is technically possible for most steel and wood garage doors. Appropriate material and installation method must be selected so that the insulation does a good job without the integrity of the panels getting adversely affected. Since, the insulation increases the doors weight, the spring's tension and the opener's travel limits and force must be adjusted accordingly.

How can I improve the look of my steel garage doors on a budget?

A simple and practical way to alter the appearance of your steel garage door is to have windows installed. The window options come in a variety of styles and sizes. You may even have them custom made.

If the power is out, how can I park my car in the garage?

If there is a power outage, your garage door will not work as it is electronically operated. You have to access the garage from inside and pull the release cord from the opener, and open and close the door manually.

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