Starting Your Valentine’s Day from the Garage

Starting Your Valentine’s Day from the Garage

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One of the most romantic things you could do on Valentine’s Day is to take your loved one out for a drive through the city and the suburbs. As the person making the plans, you have to make sure that this ride does not feel like every other drive or commute you have together throughout the year. This one needs to be filled with unforgettable memories and it all starts with how you get them inside the car. Instead of simply riding along till you find something wonderful to cherish, be proactive and make your journey beautiful from the start by giving your garage a Valentine’s Day makeover. Here is how you can do it:Valentine’s Day from the Garage

1) A Spectacular Garage Door

The Valentine’s Day ride has to appeal your partner from the very beginning. Even before they step foot in the garage, make sure that you blow them away by decorating the garage door. If you have never done this before, you can check out DIY Valentine’s Day décor tutorials on the internet, and there are plenty of them there for you to go through. This should be a fun experience for you if you are an innately creative person. You could cut out alphabet shaped pieces of red and pink fabric and attach them on the garage door to create a welcome message for your loved one. The fabric can be adorned with classic red and white Valentine’s Day roses. You could also spread rose petals on the driveway leading up to the garage door. Furthermore, to make the garage door look absolutely stunning, you could smear the door in red, pink and white paint to express your love for that special person in your life.

2) Amenities for the Road Trip

There is going to be plenty of room for romantic conversation during the ride, but you would ideally want to incorporate some basic sources of entertainment to make the drive fun and pleasurable. What could be more exciting than having great snacks and listening to nostalgic music inside the car on Valentine’s Day? Assuming that you have plenty of available space inside your garage, you can set up two small counters, with one containing a collection of your loved one’s favorite music and the other containing food and drinks that they usually love to have inside the car. This is a unique and creative gesture that they will highly appreciate. It’s the perfect way of showing how much attention you pay to their likes and dislikes.

3) Stock Up the Car

Not only should you have good music and food to accompany you during the ride, but there should be some classic Valentine’s Day goodies to make your beloved realize how much effort you have put into making this ride unforgettable. You could start with placing Valentine’s Day themed red or pink heart shaped pillows on the seats. You could also have a bunch of soft and cuddly plush dolls on the backseat. To give the ride a more personalized touch, you could write your loved one a letter filled with emotions and have it placed inside one of those beautiful scented envelopes they sell on Valentine’s Day. 

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