Keep Your Overhead Door for Years

Keep Your Overhead Door for Years

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Have you ever wondered why your friend's overhead door lasted much longer than yours although you bought them together? The truth is that the longevity of garage systems varies for many reasons. The choice of materials, the weather conditions, the times the door is used daily, its maintenance and the quality of parts will all make a difference to how long the system lasts. Sometimes, the difference is made by paying attention to small details. Proper and frequent garage door maintenance surely plays an enormous role to the longevity of the mechanism and so your decisions will always be important.

Make sure parts are taken care of

Keep Your Overhead Door for YearsWho wants to invest in new garage doors every six or seven years or in new parts for that matter? When we sign the check for the new roll up garage door, we expect to keep it for many, many years. This will happen when you take care of it throughout the years. Don't make the mistake of convincing yourself that the new door won't need your care just because it's new. When the system starts working, it needs lubricant and services. After all, the benefits for keeping the system durable are not only related to your pocket but also to daily convenience and safety.

Do you know how much damage is caused by loose fasteners? When the little nuts and bolts do not fasten parts properly, parts will vibrate as the door will move. If they are not well lubricated either, they will rub on one another and wear much sooner. You see, most parts are made of steel. They need lubrication maintenance andremain well-fastened. When steel rubs against steel, the material is ruined. If it's galvanized, it will lose the great properties galvanized steel retains. If it's plain steel, it will still obtain damage. The consequences will be noise and faster replacement of garage door parts. This will initiate the countdown of your door's lifespan. Who wants that? Parts will age but let them age when they are really old! In the meantime, take care of them.

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